Arithmetical Reasoning Test

The test will check your arithmetical reasoning. It will have total of 10 questions.
Questions are calculation based, problems based on ages and more. Take test can get answers at the end of the quiz. Retake the quiz to improve results.

1. Aishwarya is twice as old as Sunanda. Three years ago, she was three times as old as Sunanda. How old is Aishwarya now?


2. 6 kids take part in a Tennis tournament. Each kid has to play every other once. How many games are needed to be organized by the organizer?


3. In a certain office, 1/3rd of the work are female, half of the females are married, 1/3rd of the married females are having children. If 75% of men are married and 2/3rd of the married men have children, what part of the office employees are without children?


4. Siddhesh is fond of driving a motorbike. He knows 4 different routes from Mumbai to Nagpur. From Nagpur to Bhopal, he knows 3 different routes, from Bhopal to Faridabad he knows 5 different routes. How many routes does Siddhesh know from Mumbai to Faridabad?


5. Rohit has a certain number of boxes to pack into parcels. If he packs 3, 4, 5 or 6 in a parcel, he is left with 1; if he packs 7 in a parcel, none is left. What is the number of boxes he may have to pack?


6. The age of uncle is twice as that of Rajat. 10 years hence the age of uncle will be 3 times Baljeet (younger brother of Rajat). If the difference of ages of Rajat and Baljeet is 15 years, Find the age of uncle.


7. Prashant bought pineapples which costs Rs 13 each, a watermelon which costs Rs 25 each. Prashant spends Rs. 114 on these items. Prashant bought more pineapples or watermelon?


8. A group consisting of 25 teachers, 20 engineers, 18 doctors, and 12 architects visited a fair. They spent 19,000 in total. It was found that 5 teachers spent as much as 4 engineers, 12 engineers spent as much as 9 doctors and 6 doctors spent as much as 8 architects. If every person in a professional group contributed same amount in the total expenditure, find out the amount contributed by each engineer.


9. The number of boys in a class is three times the number of girls. Which one of the following numbers cannot represent the total number of children in the class?


10. In an examination, Mohit scores 3 marks for the correct answer and 1 mark is lost for every wrong answer. If he attempts 50 questions and secures 106 marks. Find number of questions attempted correctly by Mohit.
Assume Mohit attempts all questions.


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