Date Time Sequence Test

1. There are 25 people working in a government office. The first group of five works between 7 am and 3 pm. The second group of 10 works between 10 am and 6 pm and the third group of 10 works between 12 noon and 8 pm. There are three computers in the office which all the employees frequently used. During which of the following hours the computers are likely to be used most?


2. Amit’s birthday is on the 24th of August and Prashant’s birthday is on the 30th of April. If in a particular year, Amit’s birthday was on Saturday, what will be the day on Amit’s birthday in the same year?


3. Today is Tuesday, what will be the day after 118 days?


4. If the 25th of February, 1992 was Tuesday, then the number of Saturdays in that month is


5. If Thursday falls on the 11th of some month, then which day will it be, five days before the 22nd of this month?


6. If the first day of the leap year is Tuesday then What day will be the last day of the year?


7. If yesterday was Thursday, what will be the day after 206 days from today?


8. Abdul leaves his school at twenty-five minutes to eight in the morning. He reaches Kalam’s house in 35 minutes. Both of them finish their short meeting in the next 25 minutes and leave for their school. The journey takes them another 40 minutes to complete. At what time do they leave Kalam’s house to reach their school?


9. Laxmi’s birthday falls on the 12th of November and Parvati’s birthday falls on the 30th of the same month. If Laxmi’s birthday will fall on Wednesday, then on which day will be Parvati’s birthday.


10. If Monday falls on the 6th of some month, then which day will it be, four days after the 27th of this month?


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