What is Reasoning Ability?

Reasoning ability is the ability of your mind to think about a problem at hand. You need to take input from your 5 senses into the brain, process the input and give proper solution to the problem.

Reasoning ability is very important to judge a person’s ability to perform well in tasks allocated. This is why it is so important part of the recruitment process of most of the companies and organizations in India and around the world.

Why reasoning ability is important?

Better Reasoning ability means that a person is better in problem-solving. Problem-solving is invaluable, whether you are a skilled professional working as an employee under some organization or you are working as a businessman or creating a new business as an entrepreneur.

It is believed that better the reasoning ability of a person, the more successful he/she can be in his/her professional career.

Reasoning ability is normally an integral part of the process which various companies deploy in their recruitment process.

How they test your reasoning ability?

Normally they give a common set of problems to all of the candidates and expect candidates to solve those problems in a given amount of time.

The candidate who solves those more problems and or the candidate who is more accurate in solving those problems in a given amount of time is better.

Main topics covered under the reasoning ability

Reasoning ability basically includes verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.

Nonverbal reasoning includes problems that are not based on language solely, instead, they are mostly based on pictures and diagrams.

Verbal reasoning includes Reading Comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning. Normally people confuse these terms the same, but all of them are different.

Here are the topics covered in reasoning ability tests.

Directions sense test

This test normally contains questions pertaining to four directions i.e. North, West, East, and South.

Questions would be mixed with directions and turns (left/right).

Check our detailed guide on Direction Sense Test.

Time and Distance

In this section, most questions would be based on concepts of velocity, time and distance.

It will also cover basic conversions like KM to meters, hours to minutes and seconds, etc.

No. 1 formula used is Speed = Distance Covered / Time Taken

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Questions in this section would be based on prepositions and conclusions. There would be given statements which are called prepositions. If you assume those statements to be true, you can derive many conclusions from those prepositions.

You can be given a set of prepositions and conclusions, you can determine which is the correct combination.

Double Lineup

Read the paragraph below.

There are 5 friends Amar, Bikram, Chetan, Mohit, and Deepak. Each of them are wearing different colors of T-shirts i.e. Black, Blue, Red, Purple, and Green in no particular order. Each of the friends likes different games Soccer, Hockey, Chess, Cricket and Basketball. These games are not in any order.

Bikram’s favorite game is Hockey, while the favorite color of the T-shirt of Chetan is green. Also, Deepak likes Chess and also his t-shirt is black. The person that is wearing a red color t-shirt plays Hockey. Mohit and Deepak don’t like to play Soccer. 

Based on the given information, you’ll be asked logical questions.

Such questions have 3 sets of different entities ( Friends, Colors, Games in the above example). Each of the entities in 1 type will have a relationship with an entity in the other 2 types.


These types of questions are based on the creation of a timetable or schedule. You’ll be given the set of constraints in the problem. You’ll have to answer the questions, and you must take care of the constraints while solving the problem at hand.

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These are quite similar to the double lineup in some sense. Only thing is that one of the 3 entities is fixed as time.


A sequence of input items is given. This sequence is passed through a certain number of steps to give the final output.

These steps would be based on a particular hidden logic. You need to identify that logic and you’ll be asked to solve questions based on that.

Analytical Decision Making

You’ll be presented with a set of criteria or rules (e.g. criteria for getting a job). Then you’ll be given data about the candidate(e.g. info about a candidate for the job). You need to apply the analytical skill to determine whether the candidate would be selected or not.

I know it’s a little tricky to understand this way. I will shortly give you a sample.

Ordering and Ranking

There will be items in a sequence. You’ll be given some data about the rank of items. You’ll need to determine some info based on the given info.

Check our detailed guide on Ordering and Rank Problems.

Code Inequalities

Here is an example of such questions

Data Sufficiency

This covers a variety of topics. In this type, a question is followed by 2 statements( suppose statement A and statement B). You need to determine if any of the given statements are enough to find the answer or not. It can be any, either or none of the 2 statements.

Coding and Decoding

Here is the sample

Here are some practical tips to solve questions on Coding-Decoding in any reasoning test.

Blood Relations

Alphabet and Alphanumeric Series

Learn more tips and techniques to solve questions on alphanumeric series.



Seating arrangement

(Circular seating arrangement, Floor based seating arrangement, Square seating arrangement)

Date Time Sequence Test

Analytical Reasoning

  • statements and assumptions
  • statements and arguments
  • statements and conclusions
  • cause and effects
  • course of action


Ranking and Arrangement

Learn more about Ranking and Ordering questions in reasoning and other competitive tests.


In this type of question, you will be presented with the data in table format.

You will be expected to understand the data. There will be questions based on that data. You have to properly understand the table and then answer the questions based on your reasoning skills.


Reasoning skills are very important for your professional career, for getting jobs. There are various kinds of questions we have tried to cover. Still if we have missed anything, please leave a comment below.

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