Time, Speed and Distance Test

This is a test which covers questions around Time, Speed and Distance. You need to know about the basic formulas surrounding speed. Average Speed and Relative Speed are also important concepts to ace this test.
You also need to know about unit conversion

1. Tejas and Rajdhani, the two iconic trains are starting at the same time from 2 stations 540 km apart and going in opposite direction cross each other at a distance of 340 km from one of the stations. What is the ratio of their speeds?



2. Anurag walks 1.6 km in 15 minutes. What is his speed in km/hr?


3. Two trains have an average speed of 119 km/hr and 137 km/hr. Assuming that they start at the same station at the same time. What is the distance between the 2 trains after 15 minutes?


4. Anirudh loves cycling. One day he went for a long route. He finds that if he cycles at 10 km/hr, he will reach his destination at 2 pm. Next week, he starts at same time and he increases his speed to 15 km/hr and reaches the same destination at 12 noon. At what average speed he should cycle to reach the destination at 1 pm.


5. A bus goes from New Delhi to Amritsar with an average speed of 40 km/hr. The journey takes 7 hours. It returns from Amritsar to New Delhi on the same route with an average speed of 70 km/hr. What was the average speed of the bus for the whole trip?


6. Bharat and Lakshman decided to run a race. The distance was decided to be 3 km. The race happened and Bharat took 15 minutes more than Lakshman. If Lakshman’s covers this in 30 minutes. What is the speed of Bharat?


7. Devendra and Uddhav are driving from Pune to Mumbai in different cars. The speed of cars has a ratio of 4:7. Suppose, Uddhav’s car reaches Mumbai in 3 hours, how much time will Devendra need to travel from Pune to Mumbai?


8. Aakash goes to a route of 84 km. He completes his journey in 11 hours. Gaurav’s home is in the middle of this route. Aakash drives to Gaurav’s house on a bike and after that Aakash finishes his journey on foot. His speed while the driving bike was 15 km/hr, his speed while walking was 6 km/hr. What is the distance traveled by foot?


9. Girish crosses 800 m bridge in 5 minutes. What is his average speed in km/hr?


10. Prashant goes to the office on Activa. If he drives at 45 km/hr, he reaches his office 4 min late. But when he increases his speed by 20%, then he reaches 8 minutes earlier. How far is his office from his home?


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